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Article Assignments for your final presentations

As has been discussed in our last session, your task is to find an article gap in Wikipedia and compose a new article within our own Wiki, which will later be transferred to Wikipedia. Your article is supposed to contain chapters, footnotes, images/media, infoboxes and geo data (if applicable).

List of projects (please put in your name and project)

  1. Anton Basov - an article about James L. Powers – in Wikipedia
  2. Jane Fomenko - an article about Chinese dorama "Nirvana in fire" / Список Ланъя – in Wikipedia – and here's the presentation!
  3. Ksenia Karaseva - an article about Waterford city, Ireland – significant update of the existing Wikipedia article
  4. Katya Nikiforova - an article about one of Nekrasov's poems – in Wikipedia
  5. Sofia Shkliaeva - an article about one of Churches of Moldavia - Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist of Arbore in [1] Wikipedia
  6. Konyaev Maxim - an article on Parmenides (Парменид) (already in Wikipedia)
  7. Sophie Pogorelova - an article about Butyrskoye tramway depot, Moscow / Бутырское трамвайное депо (already in Wikipedia)
  8. Anna Derevnyak - an article about Voeykovsky palace (Алексеевский дворец)
  9. Vera Serednikova - an article about House-Wall
  10. Arseniy Filtsev - an article about consumer electronics company Teenage Engineering – in Wikipedia
  11. Vera Chebotkova - an article about the band HMLTD
  12. Tanya Orlova - Drugslab
  13. Ustinia Kosheleva: Sopot, Poland
  14. Liubov Gerasenko - an article about Culture of Kargopol (already something about it in Wikipedia)
  15. Daria Maximova - an article on Catalan Modernisme
  16. Kristina Pokrovskaya - an article about "Russian history in the most concise essay" by M.N.Pokrovsky
  17. Artyom Kolganov - an article on the article by Frederic Jameson Постмодернизм, или Культурная логика позднего капитализма
  18. Lisa Stovba - an article about "Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages" by Mark R. Cohen / Под сенью креста и полумесяца: евреи в средние века
  19. Aleksandra Ryabichenko - an article about Ludmila Ulitskaya's book Imago (Russian title 'Green Tent', Зеленый шатер, 2010)
  20. Varvara Rodchina - an article about Микроурбанизм
  21. Anna Kondratjeva - an article about "Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth", a novel by Hermann Hesse
  22. Kirill Kanter - an article about I.A. Zheliabuzhskii's diary/«Дневные записки» И. А. Желябужского (Wikipedia)
  23. Anastasia Vasileva - an aricle on the concept of self in philosophy Доротея Эркслебен (already in [2])
  24. Daniil Skorinkin - an article about Школа лингвистики НИУ ВШЭ
  25. Anastasia Kolesnikova - an article about "Касе Гасанов"
  26. Yevgeniy Lapin - an article about Jungle
  27. Sofia Babenko - an article about the poem E.A. Baratinskogo "She"/ Стихотворение Е.А. Баратынского "Она"
  28. Dasha Lushinna - an article about play " Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen Directed by Meierhold: Five Versions/ Драма Генрика Ибсена "Нора, или Кукольный дом" в режиссерской интерпретации В.Э. Мейрхольда: 5 версий
  29. Gordeeva Elizaveta - an article about a Pulpit of Sant' Andrea, Pistoia (Giovanni Pisano)
  30. Anton Steshenko - an article about syntheseizer Yamaha CS-80 already in [3]
  31. Dudakova Polina - an article about Zvyagintsev film Апокриф (фильм, 2009) wikipedia
  32. Vladimir Shesternin - an article about Bench Press (based on [4] with some changes)
  33. Anna Lupina - an article about Сарычев Иван Семенович
  34. Sukhikh Liza - an article about the poem E.A. Baratynskogo "The desire of happiness..."/ "Желанье счастия в меня вдохнули боги..."
  35. Malkova Anastasia - an article about a film Наш запах already in [5]