Colloquium on 9 June 2018

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Please put your project name, list of participants and URL to your presentation/data set here

  1. Google Spreadsheet "4th Colloquium"

Structure of presentations

Presentations will be 7 to 10 minutes long. We expect that you follow these steps in your presentations:

  1. short introduction of the research idea
  2. explanation of data sources – where is the data from, or how did you create it?
  3. explanation of the workflow – how did you process the data to answer your question?
  4. interpretation – what did you learn from processing/visualising the data set?

Alternative structure for Wikipedia task

If you decided to craft a Wikipedia article for the final colloquium, the structure is different:

  1. explain how you identified the article gap in Wikipedia
  2. explain how you gathered the material for the article
  3. explain how you created the article (chapters, references, in-links, experiences etc.)

For inspiration: Here are the Wikipedia articles written in our course last year.