Agenda for 27 May 2017

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Agenda Items


  • organisation of final colloquiums (see here)
  • checking homework: did everybody find a topic to write about, i.e., an article gap in Wikipedia?

Licenses and Plagiarism

Structuring Articles

  • different article types have different structures (cities, people, books, events, etc.)
  • working with categories (example: Герой нашего времени in Wikipedia)
  • Citing Wikipedia
    • how to properly quote a Wikipedia article ("Cite this page"/"Цитировать страницу")

An overview of (in)famous edit battles of the Russian Wikipedia


  • naming /spelling/grammar battles
    • Беларусь vs Белоруссия
    • Русское царство vs Российское царство vs Царство русское
    • Ukraine ("на/в" battle)
  • Ethnic controversies
    • Middle East conflict on the Russian Wikipedia
    • The Ayran battle (Armenians vs Azerbaijanis)
    • The Ukrainian Fleet battle
    • The Tatar-Bashkir battle
  • Political controversies
    • The 'Putin's personal cult' page
    • Navalny controversy
  • Homosexuality issues
  • Just lame edit wars
    • Sea otter war
    • The Mayonnaise Can war
    • 'Siberian language'