Agenda for 3 June 2017

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Short Recap of This Semester and Outlook to Next Semester

"Figurative System of organisation of human knowledge from the Encyclopédie" (1752).
  • Theory
    • definitions of Digital Humanities
    • what is data
    • data formats, file formats
    • linked open data (via DBpedia, Wikidata)
    • Distant Reading (history, theory and practice)
    • Corpus Studies
    • digital editions
    • Visual Analytics (and the historicity of its methods)
    • Network Analysis
    • GIS
    • Wiki technologies
  • Readings
    • Moretti's "Conjectures" and "Network Theory, Plot Analysis"
  • Practice
    • Stylometry ("… or how do you know it's Shakespeare?")
    • Topic Modeling with Mallet
    • first encounters with command line
    • network analysis with Gephi
    • genesis of a Wikipedia article
  • Next Semester
    • learning to code will be main topic (as basis for natural language processing, text analysis and other things)

Preparation of Colloquium

We expect a short 5–10-minute presentation on your idea, approach and experience.

  • Assessment criteria:
    • content and writing style (use your own words, no copy & paste from other web pages)
    • do you give credit in the right way (captions, quotations, footnotes)?
    • do you make use of imagery or other media files (if applicable)?
    • do you upload own material to Wikimedia Commons?
    • do you reference geocoordinates (for places or historic events)?
    • how did you handle the upload to Wikipedia and what happened afterwards?
    • overall creativity!

Btw, should you still lack a good idea for an article, this one needs some work: Цифровые гуманитарные науки


  • biases in Wikipedia
  • the tree of Diderot and d'Alembert and the Wikipedia article graph (example around the 'writer' category)